Hydraulic testing of ERW tubes

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During hydraulic testing of ERW tubing, there’s one detail that’s often discovered. In some cases the rupture opening breaks off from the tube’s weld line. This shows that the welded part’s strength is lower than the base metal.

You can also find that the weld sample’s thickness diminishes. This is if the interior scratching groove appears on the steel tube’s inner surface when you remove the burr in the weld. In tensile tests, samples break easily from this point. You can learn all this through experimental analysis.

Multiple requirements

The water supply pipeline’s water pressure test intends to assess the steel tube’s final quality. For the static hydraulic pressure test, we have two requirements. The first is to reflect the pipeline’s leakage properly. The second is making sure the pressure test doesn’t damage the interface.

Depending on the circumstances, you can select the residual height to retain or remove the weld. Weld breaks often occur here. This is telling us that the ERW tubes have a weld strength that doesn’t match that of the base metal.

Sometimes, there is a troublesome transition between the base metal and welding position. Because of this, the residual burr or trench will result in a concentration of stress. This means the weld’s general structure strength isn’t as great as the matrix material. Thus, we must optimise the transition shape between the base metal and the tube’s welded parts.

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