Deformation and stress within ERW tube

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With this kind of tubing it’s possible for the surface to suffer from deformation and stress. This is as long as you use the regular production operations but a different degree. The welding deformation and stress of the ERW procedure typically lowers the quality of products. It can lead to cracks as well.

No displacement

At times, your materials won’t be able to create displacement. This is under exterior forces. When this occurs, the geometric size of your tube’s surface will adjust. We call this deformation strain. Once the substance is deformed, the internal size remains the same. However, it’s opposite to the external force reaction’s direction. The interior force distribution you find at the concentrated point is stress.

Mechanical terms

Speaking from a mechanical perspective, deformation is where a structure’s formation changes. Those products created using deformable solid mediums shall become displaced as well as deformed. This is under the action of an external force. It doesn’t matter if you manage to perform a correction process. You will be introducing extra stress to your product. As such, we must put measures in place to prevent welding deformation and stress.

At Union Steel Tubes we offer a specialist cutting service. It comes in handy whenever a customer cannot find the size of ERW tube they need. With it, we can cut our tubing to the length they want. As a result we always offer accurate products.

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