How does ERW welding technology work?

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We use the machine technology for ERW welding for a purpose. It’s to realise the electromechanical system’s high frequency welding. The gear consists of a welding apparatus as well as a forming one. Normally, the first has two parts to it; the feed device and a high frequency generator. The aim is to create a strong current and also command it. The melting and extrusion component gets rid of the impurities and oxide found on the steel’s exterior.

Previously, the high frequency welded tube unit had a three loop. It went high frequency generator, solid state inverter, and then high frequency oscillator. Thanks to improvements, there is only a single loop these days. With the oscillator, you can alter the output power in numerous ways. You could use the reactance method or an autotransformer for example.

The feeding mechanism

Next, we’ll discuss the feeding device. Its function is to convey high frequency current to the tube. This includes electrode resistors, inductors, and contacts. Usually, the contact metal welds have copper tungsten electrode contact because of the wear-resistance. The resistor’s primary module is its magnetic core. It makes the tube’s inductance on the surface stronger. As a result it improves the welding speed and lowers the invalid current.

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