How important is stainless steel in the automotive industry?

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Steel tubing is an essential component in the automotive industry. Since its introduction it has become a mainstay. In the 1990s, your standard car exhaust assembly was coated and regular carbon materials. These days, stainless steel tubing is the go to. One of the main reasons why is due to the durability. In addition it is cost effective and easier to work with.

Vehicle applications

You can find plenty of stainless steel in vehicle applications. Around 45 to 50 pounds of it exists inside the exhaust assembly. Furthermore, manufacturers use the medium for brake and fuel units. In addition it is useful for bus trailer and truck frames as well as restraint systems.

This is still not the limit for the steel. On top of all this there is a lot of development underway to find even more uses. This can include suspension and energy absorption beams, bumper beams, and tailgates.


Stainless steel tubes tend to cost more than aluminium and carbon steel ones. Therefore, they may not appear to be cost effective at first glance. This does not take into account the high durability though. This characteristic improves the lifecycle of the tubing. In other words, it becomes more affordable and practical in the long run.

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