Using square ERW tubes

The greatest thing about ERW tubes is the vast array of options on offer. The tubing comes in many different shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. As a result it can suit all kinds of applications, whether it is railings or for transporting liquid.


The thing to keep in mind is that several processes are used to create the tubes. Generally the first step is to get a strip of material. From here a manufacturer can adapt it to make the right shape. With round and oval tube, rolling gives it the curve it needs. Square tubing on the other hand is bent to create the angles.

It is important to ensure accuracy when creating square tubes. The angles all need to be equal or the final piece won’t be a proper square. Failure to align the edges properly could result in leaks, dangerous sharp edges, or various other issues.


Square tubes are useful for many of the same things that rounded ones are. For example they can be perfect for railings, shelving, and even structural needs. They may not be as good for transporting gas or liquid though because of the tight corners. These could become locations for harmful deposits.

An application square ERW tubes are really good for is housing cables. They act like a tray and can hold a large number of cables with ease. This is a use that is becoming more popular in contemporary buildings, especially those ones with an industrial theme.

At Union Steel we create tubing suitable for a wide array of different uses. Electric resistance welding is our primary technique for creating the tubes. It is fast as well as very effective, delivering really good results and strong welds. Most importantly the small heat zone means less risk of warping.

If you are looking for tubing we have a fantastic selection of ERW tubes to choose from. You can contact us to discuss your needs and also take advantage of our extensive knowledge. We cater for a variety of order sizes and strive to ensure fast delivery.