Refine your roll adjustment skills

There are many reasons why someone would require ERW tube. Regardless of what your project is though, we will provide you with something that suits your needs. We have been doing this for years. Each time a customer leaves happy, we know we’ve done our job well. Additionally, we’re confident that they’ll return the next time they require assistance.

During the creation of ERW tubes, there’s a technique used called roller adjustment. When production takes place, it’s possible for your roller to wear out. In some cases, it can suffer damage. It’s often essential to replace the component on the roller’s part.

At this stage, you should regulate your roller. This way, you can attain outstanding steel quality. If your roll modification isn’t adequate, you could end up finding scratches on the tube body. As such, you should master the roll adjustment prompt when replacing the roll.

Drawing a baseline

With roll replacement, you normally have to replace the entire volume. For roller conditioning, you draw a baseline. Do so from the inlet to the outlet by altering the wire. By doing this, every hole shall be on the baseline. Moreover, the moulding line will meet the technical specifications. Begin by replacing the standard roller. Afterwards, concentrate on closing the guide and forming rollers.

The guide roller’s purpose is to control the height of the tube’s bottom. It manages the seam direction as well as controlling the tube edge’s springback. All these things are important because they prevent the tubing from modifying the rollers. You may not have adjusted your guide roller properly. If you haven’t, defects will become more common.

At Union Steel Tubes, we give our customers plenty of choices when it comes to ERW tube. We have more than 200 separate sizes available. Not to mention, our merchandise comes with a number of finishing options as well. Therefore it is easier to select the right product.

If you would like to know more, please contact us. We always look forward to meeting the needs of our clients, especially when it is a unique project.