Galvanised tubing – the numerous reasons for its use

Your tubing needs are important to the team at Union Steel. This has helped us to become the ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands relies on. With more than 200 options for you to pick from, we can match various specifications, including tolerances. In addition we offer various finishes including galvanised.

A Wise Choice

For starters, you need to know what it means for a tube to be galvanised. This is when the steel goes through a process to make it more resilient to rusting and corrosion. A layer of zinc makes this possible. There are numerous possible methods such as hot-dipping, electroplating and other techniques. Through submersion though, you can achieve a rather strong bond.

A layer of a substance on metal may not appear like much, but its benefits are wide. Firstly it is a method that is environmentally friendly. It can also help the tubing to avoid surface damage and rusting. Finally, the finish is better in terms of how the end products look.

Galvanising is one of the more cost effective options compared to other methods of protection. It can also help lower costs by avoiding issues that will need dealing with in the future. The high level of protection continues to be a huge benefit, with it being common to last around 50 years. Despite the need for little maintenance, you can provide your tubes with a long life.

A Vast Selection Of Tubing

Regardless of your requirements, at Union Steel we are confident we can find you a perfect solution. We offer amazing services, swift delivery and broad range of products.

While we have a reputation as the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has to offer, our services go beyond this. Whether it is our seamless, galvanised or another option that you want, call on us. You can reach our team at 01902 881 222 where they will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.