Boss welding influences the residual stress of ERW tubing

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Boss welding can have quite the affect on an ERW tube’s residual stress. Consequently, you must take certain actions. During the creation of oil and natural gas channels you have to trap the installation of flanges, metres, and valves in the primary channel.

Pinpointing the base tube’s straight seam position is hard. This is especially true when using high frequency resistance welding. The introduction of specific lugs can be extremely close to the welding seam. As such, it’s vital to look at the affect the boss has on the basic channel. Stress levels may rise suddenly. Additionally, the longitudinal welding residual stress could change. This is when the boss you install on your ERW tubing is bigger than the parent tube.

Residual stresses

The dispersal of residual stress in welded tubing has connections to the forming operation. The hydraulic pressure test and dimension after welding are important here as well. They lead to axial residual stress that exceeds the present circumferential residual stress.

On-line heat treatment can augment the weld. It targets the heat affected zone’s properties and microstructure too. This lowers residual stress near the weld. The maximum circumferential and axial yield strength is roughly 29% and 38%. The ERW tube’s longitudinal weld and residual stress is low. It doesn’t surpass the main channel’s stress levels.

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