The defects you can find with ERW tubing

People have come to know us as one of the most reliable and versatile suppliers of ERW tubes. Over the years we have proven ourselves to be capable of meeting everyone’s specifications. This is thanks in part to our advanced technology. We are also very skilled fabricators on our own. Therefore we can offer designs for a wide array of needs.

Originally, a manufacturer would create ERW tubing using resistance heating to fashion the longitudinal weld. These days, most mills generate tubes using high frequency induction (HFI) heating. This is because it offers better consistency and control. However, we still refer to them as ERW tubes.

A lack of fusion

The potential flaws in this type of tubing relate to the quality of the strip of metal. This includes issues at the narrow weld line as well as lamination. Both can result in problems that may make the tubes unusable. The main defect is a lack of fusion thanks to low pressure and heat. Hook cracks can appear at the weld interface too.

You can create long lengths of weld with faulty fusion. This occurs if the welding parameters don’t remain within the set limits. In addition, pressure reversals can cause small cracks to grow, resulting in failures in service. The cause of the issue is generally due to low weld line toughness.

At Union Steel Tubes, we constantly strive to keep our standards high. We can send out our ERW tubes to clients at a rapid pace, usually offering next day delivery. However, we don’t sacrifice the tube quality to do so. Our customers are always happy when they receive tubing that will meet their expectations.

If you would like our help as well, please contact us. We can offer design advice, manufacturing tips, and support. Whether you have a tricky project in mind or a simpler one, rely on us to supply quality ERW tubes for you.