Why do people use different shapes of tubing?

When it comes to an ERW tube, there are various types available to suit many uses. All of our products are made with care and skill. Every single one faces strict quality testing before going on to you. You can choose from different sizes, widths, thicknesses and shapes. People may look for square, rectangular, oval and round tubing for a number of reasons.

The Right Fit

When you have tubes on show, the choice of shape can be due something as simple as making them look good and match others present. It may also be due to wanting to fit them together as you won’t want to attach a round tube to a square one. The shape can also influence flow depending on what its use is. In addition, it can affect the ease of cutting as square tubing tends to be easier to work with.


In certain circumstances, the shape of the tubes can influence the strength. It tends to be that round ERW tube is better for resisting torsional stress. On the other hand square is better when you want it to hold up against bending. Round components are lighter per equal inch of square ones. But, you can achieve the right level of strength when you look at diameters and more.

With our 200+ options for you to choose from, we can provide you with whatever you need. This includes various tolerances as well as seamless and galvanised tubing. Our knowledge of numerous industries and applications of our products is extensive. Due to this we can offer you specialist advice for your requirements to ensure the right match.

Whatever the size of your order, you can count on Union Steel for services that care about your needs. With our swift delivery times and vast options, you will love our work. Our specialist equipment and dedicated staff would love to provide you with what you are looking for. To learn more about our ERW tube and other work, contact our team today.