Various types of steel tubing are used in aircraft

ERW steel tubes have proven to be an immensely useful component in a variety of sectors, satisfying a vast array of applications. The purpose of our company is to provide clients across the West Midlands with specialised products that fulfil their individual requirements. With over 200 sizes available, we believe that we can do just that.

In the numerous aircraft models that exist across the world, oil and fuel has to be routed throughout the fuselage to the fuel tanks and engine. So that the correct amount, lengths and type of tubing is implemented, the majority of manufacturers will wait until the fuselage, or certain individual sections of it, are finished.

Lines and tubing are found all over the aircraft structure, with the fuel line from the tank to the gascolator, the carburettor, and the hydraulic systems being prime examples. After a certain number of years and flight hours have been racked up, the oil and fuel lines have to be replaced to avoid corrosion problems.

Metal tubing is used behind the firewall opposite the engine where movements are kept to a minimum. The engines themselves are hung in rubber shock mounts and can move a lot. As such, options that are more flexible must be used here because metal tubing would break in a short amount of time. Steel tubing in particular is most helpful when corrosion resistance is a necessity and within high-pressure hydraulic lines such as those found in retractable equipment.

At Union Steel Tubes, not a single tube is sent off without extensive testing first. We want to ensure that we are giving clients the best products possible; to do this no stone is left unturned. Our attention to detail has earned us the position as a leading provider of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.

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