Understanding how ASTM Standards impact on ERW tube use

Over the years we’ve always made sure that our ERW steel tubing meets the strict criteria in place with respect to ISO 9001 standards and certification. This has always been an important measure for us, as it gives our valued customers the assurance of knowing the products they get from us are of the highest standard of quality possible.

Whilst we are committed to ensuring that the ISO measures and controls are met it is also the case that we consider other international standards. One of the most widely recognized of these is ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Monitoring.

A very reasonable question at this point would be why a clearly American standard should be used for UK concerns. The answer to this is that the standards documented by the ASTM have been recognised and adopted by some 140 countries. This is why we always consider them when looking at the scope of use for the tubes we supply.

It would be incorrect to interpret ASTM standards as being an alternative system to ISO certification. This is not the case, and further, has never been an intention. As the full name of ASTM suggests, their concern is more related to performance and integration excellence rather than the standard of quality of a particular item in isolation.

Our name and reputation for excellence as the leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands is built on going the extra distance to satisfy customers. Understanding how the tubes we supply you with will function within the overall scope of your project is a vital aspect of this. We are always happy to call on our knowledge of the documented standards of organizations such as the ASTM to give you insights and information into expected performance levels with your ERW tube use.

We’re committed to remaining as the leading name for ERW steel tube supplies in the UK. In order for us to do this we always consider our work in a global context, understanding how standards and developments from around the world can impact and enhance the use of steel tubes across our country.