Is ERW tube appropriate for go-karts?

Tubes are some of the most practical components in the world, with the possible applications being potentially endless. Specialising in the manufacturing of high-grade ERW tube, we have satisfied numerous customers across the country with our products. Coming in a myriad of shapes and sizes, our tubes are perfect for many jobs.

When building a go-kart, one of the most important components within your arsenal will be your steel tubing. The tubes are used for their aesthetic benefits and tensional characteristics, which other materials have a hard time matching up to. In addition, they have an incredibly efficient design to them, as you have more cross sectional moment of inertia ready for you to use. What this means is that you can maximise your designs by minimising the weight.

Both ERW tube and seamless varieties can be employed. The type utilised should depend on the characteristics you need, including strength, weight, and even load bearing ability. Welded tubes can be utilised in several areas including seat constructions. Seamless are needed when a weld must be avoided.

Next comes the decision as to whether you should use square or more round shaped tubes. Each has its own positive aspects, with square models being known for their ability to carry heavy loads due to the larger area. If the appeal of your kart is a bigger concern, then round tubes are the ones for you. They give you lines that are more pleasant and overall, the cleanliness level is exceptionally good.

If you do decide to go with square tubing, from a manufacturing perspective their strength will serve you well. As far as constructing square tubing goes, the dimensions can vary substantially to suit various needs. Additionally, it is an easy process to mate two separate parts together and if angles need to be cut into the tubes, this is a simple matter too.

At Union Steel Tubes we offer square, oval and circular ERW tube to suit various needs. Our service might be a quick one, but this will not ruin the quality of our tubing in any way. If you are looking for the finest steel tubing in the industry, we should be the number one business on your list.