ERW tubes suited for protecting wires

Steel tubing is an area in which we have excelled at for many years, having supplied only the finest of products to our clients. Our particular focus is on offering the very best ERW tubes to suit various needs.

Available in a huge range of sizes and shapes, including the likes of oval, square and rectangular designs, our tubes are incredibly practical and can be used in numerous ways. No matter your order and how big it is, we won’t disappoint you.

Electrical conduits are tubes that are made to route and safeguard electrical wiring within a structure. The conduit offers excellent protection from chemical vapours, impact and moisture to enclosed conductors. Various sizes, numbers and forms of conductors can be run through a tube, leading to a simplified construction and design when compared with that of multiple cable runs.

Wiring complexes in any building can be the subject of regular maintenance. These frequent changes are made easier and simpler thanks to the electrical conduit, because conductors can be detached and new ones introduced without having to massively disrupt the conduit’s path.

One of the major advantages of metal conduits is that the tubing can be altered on site to suit the specifications. This allows you to neatly install them while using a minimal number of manufactured fittings. In terms of following curved or irregularly shaped building profiles, this can be exceptionally beneficial.

At Union Steel Tubes we can supply ERW tubes in practically any length that is needed. This is accomplished through the use of our steel cutting and processing activities, which we use to alter our tubing so that it matches up with your specifications. Most in-stock tubes are delivered the next day but if the situation is a dire one, we will strive to have your order delivered to you on the same day.

If there’s anything at all that we can help you with, please let us know.