Protecting steel tubes from corrosion

ERW Steel tubes can satisfy a wide array of applications thanks to the fact that they come in various shapes and dimensions. As a result people can choose the right products to suit their needs. Steel is also great because it is cost effective and very durable. This means that the tubing will offer fantastic characteristics.

One concern with ERW steel tubes is corrosion. Most steels are prone to rust because of the iron content in the alloy. There are a number of alloys available that have better corrosion resistance, including stainless, but they can be more costly and trickier to work into tube form. Fortunately the steel variants that are vulnerable and easier to work with can be given protective coatings to enhance the resistance and protect them.

An advantage that many people find with steel tubing is that it can be cut to different lengths to suit the specifics of the project. In many cases this can be done on-site once the materials arrive and need to be fitted or assembled. An important thing to keep in mind is that every time you cut a piece of steel that is pre-coated you expose the substrate. This creates a flaw that can allow corrosion.

A better option than cutting on-site may be to have the tubes pre-cut as well as pre-coated. This means that the edge can be deburred and then the tube can be coated to ensure there are no unprotected points. When you do this though it is crucial you provide the right dimensions so the cutting can be done to the right standard.

If you would like to order bespoke ERW steel tubes from a provider in the West Midlands who can cut them to size before arranging delivery we are the company for you. Our cutting capabilities are very advanced thanks to the equipment we possess and the competencies of our team. We assure you that each tube end will be cut cleanly and evenly.

Whether you want a short length of rounded tubing or a longer section of square or rectangular tube we can cater for you. Simply get in touch to discuss your product needs and we will do the rest.