Steel tubing has many used in the automotive industry

At Union Steel we have proudly worked with ERW tubes for over a decade now, gaining considerable experience with them as a result. Having earned ourselves an ISO 9001 accreditation, we are well known throughout the country for the high quality that goes into our work. Available in many sizes and shapes, our products can fulfil numerous purposes.

Steel tubing is being used in the automotive sector to this day. It has remained an irreplaceable part of the industry, both literally and figuratively. During the 1990s car exhaust systems mainly consisted of carbon and coated carbon materials. Today however, stainless steel tubing has taken the forefront, thanks in large part to the increased durability that it offers.

Generally speaking, stainless steel tubing costs more than carbon steel and aluminium, so it may not appear cost-effective at first glance. However, when the material’s increased durability is factored in, the result is an increased life cycle for the parts. This makes it a more practical and affordable material in the long run.

A surprising amount of steel tubing is used in exhaust systems on vehicles. In many cases you’ll only see the end of the tube protruding from the underside. The component is actually much longer though and stretches all the way to the engine so that exhaust gases can be directed away from it effectively.

Union Steel can supply steel ERW tubes of any length and a wide variety of shapes, diameters and wall thicknesses too. A number of finishes are available on top of this, including zinc and chrome plating. We are proud to supply our clients with a variety of options when they order products, ensuring we can cater for their needs.

While we do have a selection of readymade tubes in stock, our cutting service allows us to manufacture unique lengths that match up with any requirements. All clients need to do is inform us of what they need and we’ll handle the rest. Any questions can be directed to us too.