A set-up to promote fast manufacturing and delivery

At Union Steel Tubes we are committed to providing the highest quality ERW tube and satisfying orders in the shortest possible timescale. We work closely with our clients to get a clear idea of their deadlines and offer honest details about how long manufacturing and delivery will take. Ultimately we want to ensure our clients avoid potentially costly delays by getting products to them promptly.

In many cases we can satisfy urgent orders and dispatch products very quickly. We are able to do this because of our unique set-up. We hold long lengths of stock sizes of different shapes of tubing at our facility and the mill. When we receive an order we can cut these to size to suit the specifications the client gives to us. As a result the manufacturing time is dramatically reduced and products can be ready to go in a short timeframe.

Our set-up does present some challenges though, particularly when it comes to cutting the tube. Every time a length of tubing needs to be cut there is potential that it will be damaged. The pressure exerted could easily cause compression and ruin the shape. Additionally the cut could be uneven and leave a jagged edge if not done correctly. Fortunately our team have the training and equipment to cut tubes effectively and with great precision.

A final problem that cutting tubing can cause comes in terms of the corrosion protection. Steel ERW tube can be galvanised or coated with a material like chrome or zinc to protect it against rusting. If this is done before the tubes are cut it will leave an unprotected edge. This can lead to issues in the future.

To tackle this problem tubing needs to be finished effectively after it is cut. It is vital that the exposed edge is properly protected, accounting for the flaw. If a single section is cut into several pieces both ends may be exposed and need attention.

If you are looking for high quality ERW tube that can be cut to your required length and dispatched quickly please contact us. We will give you a clear idea of the manufacturing, dispatch, and delivery time so you can plan accordingly.