Understanding the two types of oval ERW steel tube

ERW steel tube comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater for an ever growing array of applications. The products are strong, durable and cost effective. They can even be adapted to change the shape and finished in a number of ways to add additional characteristics. With all of these options it is no surprise they are so widely used.

One shape of ERW steel tubing that can cause some confusion is the oval. This comes about because there are actually two different shapes that are referred to as being ovals. The first is flat sided (sometimes referred to as F.S.). These have a flat top and bottom like a rectangular section with rounded ends. The second type is a true oval with no flat parts.

It is vital you choose the right oval shape to suit your requirements. Although they are only slightly different the differences can have an impact on the capacity of the tube, the strength, and the amount of space it needs to take up. Naturally flat sided variations tend to be shallower because the top and bottom sections are perfectly straight. A true oval is taller because of the curves so it will take up more space.

Flat sided tubes also tend to be stronger because the weld can be located on a flat section. With true ovals the curvature means there is slightly more material to join together. The edges may also meet on a slant rather than flat which can result in slightly more weakness, particularly at the top and bottom where there is less material to attach together.

At Union Steel Tubes we understand the different shapes of oval tubing you can choose from. We make good use of this knowledge in helping our clients to choose the right style for their needs. This is something we are immensely proud to offer; we truly value customer service and want to ensure that every client gets the right products.

If you have any questions and would like to have them answered by an established ERW steel tube supplier based in the West Midlands we are the company for you. We will provide the best information we can and do our best to advise you.