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Since starting out in 2004, our business has only gotten stronger with each new client that requests our aid. Specialising in ERW steel tubes, we provide products to customers across the West Midlands and the whole of the UK in order to meet their various requirements. The tubing has a wealth of applications and whatever the reason yours are needed for, we will produce a product that exceeds your expectations.
Steel tubing itself and the industries that it serves are numerous to say the least, with both being as diverse as each other. The tubes are often comprised of a mix of different alloys; those used for hydraulic lifts for example use fractions of nickel and large amounts of chromium. A great number of mills, factories and production lines also get their fair share of use out of steel tubing, as components for both their machinery and the products said machines manufacture.

The common household is also home to many variations of steel tubing. A vast majority of us have the tubes in our refrigerators and within our walls. They are utilised because they offer fantastic characteristics and typically last for a long period, especially when they are made from high quality materials.

The heat and pressure resistance of steel makes it great for tubing and means it can fulfil a wide array of requirements. Not only this, but salt and a plethora of other destructive elements will also have a tough time getting past the tubing’s defences. It can corrode but this can be overcome with additional protective coatings such as chrome or zinc. As such, ERW steel tubes are depended upon in the construction of buildings and homes.

At Union Steel Tubes, we have a ready supply of products in stock at our premises. If you can’t find a variant that suits your needs however, we will be able to create tubing that matches up with your specifications. Just tell us what you require and it’ll get done. If there’s anything you’d like to know about us or our tubes, feel free to contact us.