ERW tubing can be utilised for gas and oil pipes

For over ten years, our company has been the one that clients have depended on for a supply of high quality ERW tubes. We are highly passionate about our work and due to our well earned status as an ISO 9001 Registered Company, no order is too much for us to handle. A plethora of choices are available when it comes to our products and as such, they are appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Seamless steel pipes are used primarily in gas and oil pipelines, but are seldom utilised when long distances are involved. This is due to the cost of manufacturing. A vast amount of long distance pipelines make use of ERW, LSAW and SSAW tubes instead. Each of them possesses different characteristics, making them useful for various specifications. As ERW tubing is our speciality, we feel that people should be aware of their specifications and why they’re used for these applications.

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes are formed via numerous kinds of welding, such as contact and induction techniques. They posses short weld joints, uniform thickness, high dimensional accuracy and excellent surfaces, and can also withstand high pressures. This range of characteristics makes them useful for pipelines. On top of this they are more cost effective to manufacture, particularly when long lengths are needed.

Whenever you need ERW steel tubing from us, rest assured that your response time will be quick. Now you might associate that with a rushed job that’s had half the effort put in, but we make certain that the quality of your product is never compromised. This is achieved with both the latest technology and rigorous testing that takes place before your products are delivered.

At Union Steel Tubes we give each customer the most personalised service possible. The experienced engineers in our employ work skilfully and innovatively to guarantee neat and smooth results on your tubing. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to get in touch.