Chrome coating for ERW tube

ERW tube is generally made from cold formed steel. Various types of the metal are used, including mild and stainless to suit different requirements. The first of these can also be given an additional coating to enhance the characteristics. Coatings can include chrome or zinc depending on the requirements and budget.

Chrome is arguably the most popular material for coating in the world. It is seen on all manner of tubing as well as products like taps, wheels, and decorative trim on various items. There is an array of reasons why it is so widely used, including the fact that it enhances the aesthetics. On top of this it is durable, has high corrosion resistance, and will withstand extremes of both temperature and weather. This makes it effective for protecting substrate materials that do not offer all of these characteristics.

As well as being used to coat steel ERW tube chrome has also been utilised to protect tubing made from ABS plastic. This method was discovered in the 1970s following the big shift to plastic parts instead of heavier, more costly metals. The electroplating allowed the use of ABS whilst ensuring parts had the right lustre.

At Union Steel Tubes we understand the wide array of benefits that chrome plating can provide in terms of ERW tube. That is why we offer it as one of our finishing options. Our team can effectively add the coating to various tubing shapes and sizes, ensuring the finish meets our very high standard.

There is an added benefit of using chrome or another material like zinc to coat ERW tubes. The added layer of protection will guard against leaks. It will cover the whole tube, including the weakest point; the weld seam.

If you are looking for steel tube finished to a wonderful standard we are the provider for you. We cater for clients in various industries all across the UK, offering prototype products as well as batches. Our service stands out because we can offer advice and help you to choose the correct tubing for your requirements. We have a great deal of knowledge to help us do this.