Using stainless steel for plumbing

People often need new components to build products. Whenever they require ERW tubes, they should know to come to us. We are very proud of our history in selling these goods. It has taken a lot of work to build our reputation to the point where when we assure clients we are capable of meeting most needs. We can cater for almost any specifications and still deliver great quality.

ERW tubesStainless steel products seem to become more popular every year. This is also the case for many plumbing applications. The reason why is the cost of other substances. Furthermore, contractors are coming to understand the value in its properties. Saying this, it is vital that you understand the misconceptions that surround the metal products. Knowing about them is crucial as they can result in people making the wrong material choices.


The first misconception has to do with magnetism. People believe you can test a steel’s quality by sticking magnets to it. If it does not stick, then you have a stainless product. If it does stick, the metal might be low quality. This is the belief.

This topic has a fair degree of confusion. Austenitic stainless steels are actually not magnetic while they are in a pre-worked form. Yet, after you cold work the steel, it will turn magnetic. The specification and quality won’t have changed though. If you require ERW tubes for your projects, make sure you contact us.


Another misconception is that stainless steel nipples and fittings get sealed in the same way as other materials. One of the largest push backs is that stainless steels are difficult to work with or don’t seal well. The primary reason why people find this is because they lack understanding of the procedure.

Sealing the steel needs to be done differently than the process for brass. You must adapt to account for the material’s hardness. Using normal PTFE sealing tape won’t suffice. The stainless threads will simply end up cutting the tape. This could fuse the tube and fitting together. It will be harder to separate them and you will be left with a terrible seal. With stainless steel, you are better off using tape with nickel in it.

You will find the right ERW tubes with us

At Union Steel Tubes, we have plenty of options to choose from with our steel tubing. There are more than 200 different sizes available. These come in a myriad of different shapes too, like rectangular, round, and oval. Then there are options for the type of steel, ranging from stainless to mild varieties.

So, if you would like to shop with us, feel free to get in touch. You can even speak to us if you are unsure what kind of ERW tubes to choose. It would be our pleasure to advise you, even if it is a very specific application.