The interchangeability of ERW and seamless tube

When people need tubing for a project the conversation usually comes down to whether to choose ERW or seamless products. This can be a tough decision to make. However, we would be happy to offer advice. We are the best name for ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. Our range of products is very broad and we can offer a number of services to suit different needs.

The difference

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsBefore deciding what type of tube to choose, it is important to look at the big difference between the two. You can tell what this is by simply reading the name of the second type of tubing; ERW has a weld seam whereas seamless does not.

In the past people would point to the weld seam as a flaw and the reason why seamless was the better option. At the time there may have been some truth to this as poor quality tubing and low frequency welding would not have the longest life. Failures could occur, leading to leaks and loss of resources.

However, today the quality of ERW is much, much higher. This is primarily thanks to a move to high frequency welding. In addition manufacturers have better equipment to roll and process the tubes.


With the improvements in quality the two types of tubing are now far more interchangeable. For example, in the past the only option for pressure applications was to use seamless. This is because even a small flaw would affect the pressures. However, today there is far more choice. In fact it is possible to use ERW tube for a number of low and medium pressure applications.

Similarly, in the past seamless was the only viable choice for applications with higher temperatures. The concern with ERW was that a higher temperature could cause a flaw along the weld seam. Once again modern tubes are much higher quality. That means they can handle many low and medium temperature applications.

The improvements in interchangeability are great for end users. It means they have the option to opt for lower cost ERW tubes rather than having to incur the higher costs for seamless on every project. Now it is typically only necessary to use them for the high pressure, high temperature projects.

Shop for ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

Union Steel Tubes understands how useful high quality ERW tube is. We work with clients in various industries that use it for an incredible array of things. They rely on us because we can offer a broad range of products that are always consistent. In addition, we have low lead times because we cut them in house.

So, if you have a project in mind, contact us. You will quickly find we are the top name for ERW steel tubes West Midlands has to offer. We are a proud industry leader and always work hard to satisfy our customers.