The most important elements

When we create our tubes, the number one thing on our mind is providing high calibre products to clients. In addition to using the best materials, we also subject the tubing to careful testing. This allows us to eliminate issues and provide you with the best ERW tube possible.

ERW tubeEngineers have a wide array of choices when deciding on tubing materials for applications. Said application could be a feedwater heater in a plant or a condenser. As you might know, upset conditions are normal in manufacturing and power generation. This leads to failings in piping and tubing materials. The conditions might include alterations in water chemistry, operation mode differences, and corrosion. When choosing tubes for these uses, you must consider some key elements.

Seamless and welded

The first subject we will touch on is the two main types. For starters, the seamless technique has a reputation for its top quality. The processes to create it have the capacity for producing compact ID surface flaws. For projects needing heavy walls, this tends to be the favourite choice.

Next, there is welded, which is the type of tube we specialise in. During the past few decades, these tubes have undergone various changes. There have been commercial and technical advances that place this tube alongside their seamless counterparts. Moreover, there are shorter lead times and lower costs to produce them.

Temperature and pressure

Both of these are vital things to consider. The pressure rating determines the maximum or minimum pressures that a tube can endure. We measure it in pounds per square inch. You define the rating for tubes in fluid flow applications so you can ensure they will suit the application.

As for temperature range, this defines the entire array of ambient temperatures that your tube can operate within. This is critical for applications if you are transporting fluids as the temperatures can have a huge impact on them. There are other dynamics to think about too, including flow rate drops.

Is ERW tube or seamless better?

In reality, there is no clear cut answer for what tube is the best. For this reason, we always have many different options for clients to purchase. They come in over 200 sizes, and we provide a selection of shapes. There are even special options like pre-galvanised.

At Union Steel Tubes, we are able to stand out from the competition thanks to our high quality products. Something else we are known for however is our quick delivery services. Not to mention, we commit to providing a fantastic service every time.

So, if you would like to order ERW tube from us, feel free to get in touch. You can even come to us if you need non-standard sizes. We can produce tubes to suit most needs.