Using ERW tubes to create modern structures

Architects, structural engineers, and other stakeholders need to choose the right materials and products to build with. This is crucial for any kind of structure, from housing to public buildings and even infrastructure like bridges. ERW tubes can be an interesting option for various applications. We want to have a closer look here to explore why and the advantages.

A careful balance

ERW tubesThere are a number of crucial things to keep in mind with modern architecture. For example, structures need to be strong and durable to deal with the conditions. This can include changeable weather. We’re seeing a number of issues around the world because buildings and infrastructure can’t handle things like unexpected heatwaves or heavy rain. There is also more focus now on things like fire safety and the environment.

The demands mean it is crucial to choose the correct materials and products. This must strike a balance between the value they offer and the impact on the environment. It must also ensure they can withstand the physical conditions while also meeting aesthetic requirements.

ERW tubing is a really good choice for different structures. It provides a number of really important benefits. Let’s look at some.

Integration and style

A massive advantage with the ERW tubes is how dynamic they are. There are lots of options with shapes and sizes. It can also integrate with a variety of other materials and products. This can allow architects and engineers to be creative and produce modern buildings and other structures.

It also helps that ERW tube is relatively easy to adapt. For example, you can bend it or choose different types of end forming. That means you can customise tubes to suit all kinds of designs and layouts.


Steel is known to be one of the safest materials for construction because of its combination of useful characteristics. For example, it is strong and durable. This means you can build long lasting structures that can bear heavy loads. Tubing also has an advantage because it has higher resistance to shearing; the tube will flex and bend but is unlikely to snap.

There is also a big advantage in terms of fire safety. Steel is durable, non-combustible, and fire resistant. If you have a steel frame with no additional protection, it can resist fire for around 15 minutes. You can enhance this by applying other materials. The steel will retain its strength even if the fire reaches around 300 degrees Celsius. It will lose 50% strength at around 600 degrees C. All capacity will be lost at 1,200 degrees C.


While it can take a lot of energy to produce and install steel, it does have some sustainability credentials. Most notably, you can recycle it to create new products, including ERW tubes. In fact, you could save on the carbon footprint of structures by choosing recycled steel for many applications. Plus, the durability and longevity means that the structures can last a very long time; that means the impact on the environment can be spread over the lifecycle of the structure.

What to think about?

You can get the best results with ERW tube if you choose high quality materials. You should aim for tubes that are accurate and consistent, especially in thickness. The steel itself should also have a uniform microstructure to ensure there is a minimal risk of flaws.

In addition, it is a good idea to make sure the surface finish is smooth. This should be the case whether you have raw steel or choose a finish like galvanisation. It can help to reduce the risk of corrosion and other issues.

Do you want to order ERW tubes?

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