A closer look at welding slag

Electric resistance welding (ERW) is a technique used extensively for manufacturing tubes. It’s famous for its cost effectiveness and efficiency. Although, something welders can encounter with it is the problem of welding slag. Our intention is to discuss this in detail. We will go over things like the reasons for its existence, its consequences, and preventive measures. Then, if you want to order high quality ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, you can rely on us.

What is it?

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsWelding slag is a byproduct of the weld operation. Usually, it shows up as a solid or molten material forming on the weld’s surface. It is mainly made up of oxidised materials, flux residues, and impurities. These come from the interaction between the base metal, electrode, and weld arc.

Multiple factors contribute to welding slag’s formation in ERW tubes. By understanding them, you can introduce efficient preventive measures. So, let’s have a look.

One reason it pops up is due to insufficient cleaning of workpieces. Not doing so correctly before welding can result in contaminants appearing on the exterior. When exposed to the welding procedure, the contaminants contribute to the formation of welding slag.

Another cause is flux residue from electrodes. The kind of electrode present in the ERW process plays a vital part in welding slag’s appearance. If not chosen or handled correctly, flux-cored electrodes can leave residue behind that can cause slag formation. If you need the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has, come to us.

Insufficient shielding gas is next on the list. It is integral for safeguarding weld pools from atmospheric contaminants. As a result, inadequate shielding can cause increased oxidation, leading to welding slag forming.

The last cause we have is insufficient welding parameters. Things like travel speed, voltage, and current impact the weld considerably. The wrong settings can result in a poor quality bond and welding slag.

What issues does it cause?

Next, we will cover the effects welding slag has on ERW welds. One of the most problematic is weak bonds. Welding slag is a discontinuity within your weld. Therefore, the outcome is lower strength and a joint with compromised integrity.

There can also be a higher chance of corrosion. Welding slag’s presence can create pockets and crevices where it is more likely to happen. This can be especially troublesome in projects where you use the tubes in corrosive settings.

There will also be surface finish and aesthetic problems. Welding slag has a habit of leaving behind irregularities on the weld’s surface. This will affect the final product’s finish and aesthetic appeal.

How to prevent it?

Finally, we can move on to talking about preventative measures now. We understand them from our services to offer the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.

One measure would be partaking in proper surface preparation and cleaning. A thorough clean of each workpieces before welding will help you prevent the incorporation of troublesome contaminants.

You will want to do the selection and handling of electrodes correctly too. Selecting the right electrode and handling it right is necessary for minimising flux residue and, by extension, welding slag.

You will need the optimal shielding gas application as well. Preserving the right composition and flow rate of shield gas is necessary for stopping oxidation and welding slag. Frequent examination of gas parameters during welding is wise to guarantee optimum protection of your weld pool.

Adjusting welding parameters is something else you should do. It will help you to obtain top tier welds with low slag formation. You should develop welding processes carefully and then ensure you follow them. This way, you can meet the specific needs of the material you are welding.

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