Tubing for structural automotive fabrication

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One application that requires tubing is a structural automotive fabrication. Here, professionals tend to use three varieties of tubes. The first would be ERW (electric resistance welding) tubing. Here, you wrap a flat piece of steel around a buck and weld it to fashion a tube afterwards. You weld the whole seam along the tube’s length via a machine that is not too different from a spot welder.

The other kinds of tubessteel pipes

The next kind of tubing is DOM or drawn over a mandrel. You weld this from a flat sheet too. The difference is that you reheat the tube and form it around a mandrel to exact specifications after welding. It is a more expensive option than ERW tubes.

Finally, there is seamless tubing. You extrude these tubes from a single mass of molten steel and fashion them on a mandrel. The tube has zero welds, but it is the most expensive choice.

Placing the weld seam

If you do use ERW tube or DOM, it is important to consider where the seam will be. This is especially important as the seams will naturally be the weakest point. If the tubing is structural, especially for a vehicle, it is vital they know if there is a chance a tube could get weaker over time. In most cases, it is wise to put the seam inside the bend. This gives it more stability than having it on the outside where it could stretch.

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