The positives of high frequency ERW steel tubes

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High frequency

You can manufacture high frequency electric resistance welded (HF-ERW) tubes. It is possible to do this using hot rolled flat steel strip. With a combination of mechanical squeezing and heat from the electrical current, the edges can join together to create a seam. It is possible to achieve the weld joint without introducing filler material.


There are several advantages of using tubes of this nature. For example, there is the weld quality. In general, solid-state high frequency welding for ESS demands minimal heat input. As a result it generates a small heat affected zone (HAZ). In addition, it results in enhanced weld attributes. This makes the tubes useful for more applications.

Flexibility is another advantage. The HF-ERW process can weld high and low strength materials. It is suitable for weld dissimilar metals as well. Therefore it is one of the most versatile options for welding.

Quick production rates are also an advantage here. The process can produce tubing at speeds ranging from 15 to 30 meters per minute.

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