Steel Tubes West Midlands

steel tubes West Midlands

Established in 2004 we are an ISO 9001 registered company. This ensures that we keep our quality standards by the International Organization for Standardization.

Our range of products includes a large selection of over 200 different styles, shapes and sizes. ERW steel tubes are useful in a range of sections. Our customers have previously included private homes, schools, small business, industry and many more.

ERW steel tubes can be used in a range of applications and uses. From scaffolding, building, furniture, automotive, DIY and craft projects, they’re incredibly useful.

ERW tubes are cold rolled steel strips that are then electrically welded together using an electrical resistance welding process. This produces a durable, long lasting tube that can be used in various applications. As well as supplying steel tubes we also offer additional cutting and processing services. When you order from us we can cut your steel tubes to any desired length or angle. We do so using state of the art technology to the smallest specifications.

After cutting your tubes we can put them through a processing service. This can give a new appearance and anti corrosive finish helping prolong the life of your tube. We offer deburring to remove any rough edges caused by cutting. We can put your tube through a variety of processing services. This includes chrome plating to give an attractive appearance. PLus, there’s zinc or galvanised plate to give a tough rust resistant finish.

At Union Steel Tubes we aim to give both top quality service and excellent products at competitive prices. To learn more about what we can do help you, give our team a call.