The reasons why we prefer stainless steel

At Union Steel our aim is to make sure that every customer walks away with suitable ERW tube. Due to our status as an ISO 9001 company, we can offer excellent quality. In addition, we are able to handle orders of any size. Our tubes come in an array of shapes and more than 200 sizes, meaning there are options for any project.

ERW stainless steel tubes are our most popular products. There are many good reasons why so many users prefer them. This kind of steel is a special range of alloys that do not corrode. They usually contain chromium, a unique hardening agent. Adding this element makes the steel stronger and gives it a higher resistance to corrosion.


Similar to carbon steel, the stainless variant reacts to oxygen in the air to create an oxide layer. However, it forms chromium oxide instead of iron oxide. The latter is unstable and allows oxidation to continue. However, chromium oxide is inert. As a result it generates a protective layer that stops additional oxidation. This means the steel can last longer and does not need as much upkeep. It is therefore great for ERW tube.


The flexibility and durability of stainless steel means it has many advantages over other alloys and materials. It can enjoy a far longer lifespan than its carbon counterpart. Furthermore, you don’t need to examine it for paint deterioration. In most cases it doesn’t need any paint or extra protective coating at all.

ERW tubeStainless steel is a very cost effective material. While it is more expensive than mild steel, users will save money and time on maintenance, repairs, shut downs and more. It is a fantastic investment and is much cheaper than using materials like aluminium or titanium.

You can also use stainless steel and ERW tube made from it in more settings without worrying about how long it will last. For example it is suitable for underground, off shore, and coastal environments due to its anti corrosive properties.

At Union Steel Tubes, we always strive to give our customers the best ERW tube possible. To this end, we carefully test every product. We will ensure that there aren’t any problems and that the tubing is precise.

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