ERW tubes are common in gas and oil lines

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If there is one type of tube that is suitable for gas and oil lines, it is the ERW design. You manufacture these tubes by using steel coils. Initially, you uncoil the coil. Next, you smooth and cut it, then finish off by forming it into a tube shape. You do so by electrically joining its two edges.

A cost effective alternative

In previous years, ERW tubes have become an effective substitute for seamless designs. This is true in terms of both function and price. The reason for this is the contemporary welding machinery manufacturers use. Examples would be HFW and HFI, two forms of high frequency welding.

The advancements in equipment have reduced the technical dominance of seamless vs. ERW tubes over time. As a result they are now almost indistinguishable, at least in some applications. This includes low/medium temperature and pressure.

The standard welding method

As we said earlier, when you create these ERW tubes, you do so starting from steel coils. One of the most important stages after manufacturing is testing. This helps to spot any imperfections.

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsThe standard welding method for gas and oil lines is high frequency. It includes the introduction of an induction current on the tube’s exterior surface. With it, you are able to create a tough seam weld and unite the two sides of the coil tightly.

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