Tubing for precise applications

The number of applications for tubing is growing every day. This is possible due to improvements in engineering technology. With it, a piece of tube can be very accurate to ensure it can meet an array of needs. In addition, there are lots of options in terms of metals and their alloys. If you are looking for ERW tubes for any reason, Union Steel has a great selection to choose from.

Precision to suit the use

ERW tubesWhen many people think about tubing, they imagine pipelines for carrying liquids and gas. While there are many of these applications, tubes can be useful for much more. For example, they can be frames for furniture and shop fittings, be useful in an array of vehicles, and more. Some people choose them purely to be decorative. You can probably find a use for the tubes in every single industry.

Manufacturing ERW tubes with precision is vital to ensuring it will be fit for purpose. With that in mind, you should always buy your products from a reliable source. You want to ensure they take care when creating them. This should include a check of the materials, quality controls, and NDT to test them.

In many cases there will be additional processing to adapt tubing to fit an application. This can include things like bending and end forming. Here it is also crucial that the service is professional and accurate. It if is not, the final product may no longer be fit for purpose.

An important standard

At Union Steel Tubes we work very hard to make sure all of our tubes are the right quality. One thing we do is make sure we are aware of best practice requirements and the relevant standards. There are a number that apply to precision.

A standard everyone should be aware of is BS EN 10305-5:2016. It specifically applies to steel tubes for precision applications. The tubing in question is welded square and rectangular shape. To meet the standard, the tube must have a precisely defined tolerance and be below a max surface roughness. The tubes can be suitable for various uses, including furniture and automotive.

Want to order high quality ERW tubes?

If you have a project in mind and need tubing, we can cater for you. Our service is fast and reliable, ensuring you can order and get your products quickly. In some cases this can be same day.

Although we strive to deliver as soon as possible, we never rush the manufacturing. In fact, we are so fast because we normally have long sections of tube ready to cut to order. Generally we only need to make tube from scratch if it is a specific non standard size.

So, if you need precise ERW tubes, please contact us to let us know what you have in mind. We will make sure we deliver the right products.