Stainless steel contamination has numerous origins

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Steel tubingStainless steel contamination can be a real concern. This is definitely true for applications that demand clear corrosion-free exteriors. This tends to be a requirement for pharmaceutical and food plants as well as in labs. When manufactured properly, stainless steel offers wonderful corrosion resistance. However, things can be different if there is a problem. You need to take precautions to stop contamination during fabrication. By taking the right steps, this is doable.

Three primary causes

It is possible for stainless steel to become contaminated in several ways when fabrication occurs. The three primary causes are via mild steel, chloride, or carbon. For proven results, you would be better off eliminating all three. This is a good idea whether you are using sheets, plates, bars, blocks, steel tubing, or other components.

Mild steels

This happens simply through contact with your stainless steel. It can be a simple contact with certain utensils. Examples include polishing tools, drills, screwdrivers, and files. Alternatively, it might come about due to grinding dust from falling welding particles or using power tools.

Chloride and carbon

This is not as common. However, it can be the result of contact with hydrochloric acid. In more extreme cases, it could be from the salt in sweat if you don’t clean up properly.


This happens when you weld stainless steel to carbon steel. It can also be from the flakes coming from welding carbon steel within the general area. One other possibility would be from markers or pens used to write on both stainless and carbon steel.

Think about process equipment

It is not uncommon to see rust on your process equipment that has come from just grinding or welding on stainless steel. This is within the general proximity. For example, mild steel brushes could leave your steel tubing covered in rust polka dots. When the rust spots become embedded into the metal, it is extremely hard to remove them. Should the rust bloom, it can advance into pitting corrosion.

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