Comparing ERW and SSAW tubes

We are the company that people come to when they need quality ERW tube. They choose us because our tubes are some of the most reliable. This is because our team uses the finest materials to produce them. In addition, we test each item before they are ready to send to the customer to ensure they are in top condition.

Both ERW tubes and spiral submerged arc welded steel tubes (SSAW tube) can meet the specifications for gas and oil pipelines. For medium diameter tubing, ERW are a top choice. As for SSAW, people generally only employ them for piling pipes and low pressure fluid transmission.

Differences in performance

ERW tubeERW and SSAW tubes have different welding and forming processes when manufacturing them. Because of this, the two have a myriad of differences in terms of performance. To give an example, the surface quality of ERW tubes is superior to that of SSAW tubing. The ERW surface is beautiful, flat, and smooth. As for SSAW, it has high external and internal weld seams.

Another fact is that the weld seam of the ERW model is shorter than that of SSAW. It is about as long as the length of steel tube. The welding seam of SSAW tubes is typically 1.4 to 1.7 times that of steel tubing’s length. When the weld is longer, there is a greater chance of encountering weld defects. If you are after a high quality ERW tube, make sure you shop with us.

The geometrical needs for SSAW and ERW tubes are essentially the same. In relation to physical objects though, ERW has a straightening and sizing operation. As a result, the geometric dimensions exceed those of SSAW tubes.

Fewer weld defects

ERW tubes have less weld defects than SSAW tubes as well. In fact, the latter has a myriad of faults to speak of. There are volume defects in addition to line subsidence. With ERW, they only have line defects. The weld is also straight. It is not difficult to trace when the inspection process occurs. Moreover, the defect is at the maximum amount of reflection. When there is a defect present, there is a strong ultrasonic reflection. It is easy to detect too.


Finally, the residual stress of ERW tubing is not as large as it is with SSAW tube. The ERW tubes are usually relatively deformed when the deformation operation happens. Therefore, the residual stress is not that huge. It is smaller than it is with SSAW tubing.

We have plenty of options for ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we can provide you with a huge variety of options with our tubing. This includes more than 200 different sizes and several qualities. We have oval, rectangular, square, and round tubes shapes.

If you are currently struggling to find a suitable ERW tube, contact us today. We can advise you and then deliver the right products quickly.