Training helps you understand the problems in tube mills

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Make no mistake, the operators of tube mills are trained and talented individuals. Despite this, there are still obstacles that they must face each day. For this reason, mill owners should ideally organise training days. Said days need to focus on how to troubleshoot the complications and address them. There are several frequent concerns that you must know of.

Lost mill time

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsExcessive downtime can come about because of various reasons. The primary cause would be the absence of a written procedure on your set up. A procedure like this can help operators to manage the entire operation. At times, they can even help with troubleshooting.

For this reason, not having the setup chart can be problematic. Furthermore, lacking one can be troubling since the user must handle the tooling correctly. At times, an absence of formal training can interfere with setup and execution time.

Weld zone splitting

This is another problem to look out for. One of the main causes of this is too narrow strips with insufficient material to forge. In addition, like other manufacturing or metal fabrication processes, misalignment can lead to issues with your project. Other reasons for weld zone split include non-parallel edges, fin passes, and poor split’s edge.

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Irregular sizing

Within the sizing area, there shall be projects where you see irregular sizes happening. This is primarily due to an insufficient set up of the welding section. Furthermore, the forming section of your machine may send incorrect sized/formed tubes. Here, irregular sizes can be the outcome.

Aside from this, the oversized holes in the tooling or a bend in the shaft can be behind the irregular size. In truth, there are numerous reasons why the final product can end up with unnatural sizes.

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