Looking deeper into tubes and pipes

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There are probably many people out there who wonder what they should call a cylindrical section. Is it a tube or a pipe? It is a rather confusing situation. They both seem to be operating on the exact same hollow cylindrical concept. Regardless of their appearance, the two have striking differences. You simply need to look a little deeper to find them.


Let’s begin by looking at the structure. With the tube, it does not always need to be round. It can be rectangular or square too. This is only scratching the surface though.

As for pipe, it is round all the time. In addition, it is rigid. You can’t shape it easily without having special equipment available. Usually, pipes are pressure rated and seamless to avoid leaks. They typically carry gases or liquids. If you require the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has, contact our team.


Comparing the tolerances of pipes and tubes, the tolerance for the former is looser than the latter. Standard applications for piping include distributing and transporting. As a result, the properties of roundness, straightness, or pressure are carefully specified.

Chemical and mechanical properties

The ductility, yield strength, and pressure rating are more important for pipe. On the other hand, for tubes, high precision, tensile strength, and hardness are critical to high quality. Silicon, carbon, phosphorous, sulphur, and manganese are the principal chemical components for pipes. For tubing, it is the micro elements that are vital to the process and quality.


Then, there is the surface finishing. Pipes must have a coating for oxidation or anti corrosion for underground or outdoor field transporting. Another option you have is to paint them. Tubes tend to need special polish treatments or sour cleaning for their field uses.


Pipe ends tend to be bevelled or plain. Tubes usually have special end finishes or coupling finishing. Examples include special screw thread and irregular ends.

Find the best ERW tubes in the West Midlands

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