DOM goes a step further than ERW

When people shop for a product, they want the highest quality goods they can acquire. It is the same when it comes to ERW tubes. This is why we aim to satisfy everyone with our collection of tubing. In addition to being first rate, they come in a plethora of forms.

A common metal with near infinite applications

ERW tubesSteel tubing is one of the most common options available. The applications for it are nearly endless. On the surface, things may appear one dimensional. However, this is a complex and vast world. We feel that it is necessary to dive into the world of DOM tubing. This will include looking at how it is made and what you can use it for. After all, it is not the same as regular ERW tubing.

DOM means Drawn Over Mandrel. This is a welding technique to fabricate top tier steel tubes via 1020/1026 electric resistance. Usually, people use the term DOM to talk about a tube of high strength. However, it is actually referring to the process by which you finish the tube.

The same beginnings

The approach of producing DOM tubes starts the same way as with other electric resistance tubes. To begin with, you cut the coil of steel to the necessary tubing size. Then, an electric resistance welder utilises the current and pressure to unite the edges. This creates the tube shape. Following this, you test the tube to make certain it is up to the right standard.

It is at this point where you would finish the standard ERW tube. DOM tubing goes a little further though. Get in touch with us if you require reliable ERW tubes.

More processing

Following the completion of the ERW steps, you remove the whole flash weld. Next, you cold draw the tube over the mandrel. Treating the metal once more at a cooler temperature enhances the grain size, orientation, and shape of the metal’s crystal lattice structure. This makes it longer.

You establish close dimensional accuracy via the tight control of the inside and outside diameters. This creates a versatile tube with a high strength to weight ratio and uniform thickness.


Now that we know how it is made, let’s go over some DOM tubing applications. It is a real do-it-all sort of option, since the possibilities include agricultural equipment, hydraulic cylinders, and roll cages. Due to the impressive strength to weight ratio, you will find people using it for auto parts too. You can even use it to create stationary vehicle parts.

The efficient way to get ERW tubes

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