How are you going to cut your tubing?

ERW tube cuttingWhile working with ERW tube for as long as we have, we have come to understand all its finer qualities. We are aware that the tubing comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This versatile nature is great because it allows us to meet customer needs much more easily. Our company supplies a wide variety of designs. They are all available for competitive prices as well.

Several factors are involved in selecting the right technology or technique for tube cutting. There are elementary factors that influence the cut. These are the secondary process requirements, end conditioning needs, and the squareness of the ends. The wall thickness and tube material are vital too. You also need to think about details like overload costs, cutting efficiency, and production volume.

Abrasive cutting

One approach would be abrasive cutting. This is a straightforward, manual way to cut tube to length to suit the requirements. Here, an abrasive saw functions using a resin compound wheel or circular abrasive blade. This grinds through the metal so it can be quite a ragged cut.

The cut size abilities here are reliant on the machine. Certain models of abrasive cutting machines can endure a solid round of up to 4in outside diameter. Such a general purpose technique is beneficial for small product runs as well as hand-loading projects. These are ones that don’t need critical end conditions. If you need a suitable ERW tube, please let our team know.

Band saw cutting

Another technique is band saw cutting. This is an automatic procedure. Moreover, it is the most common technique for tubes. It is an excellent choice for volume cutting. This is a suitable method for dealing with all sorts of shapes, like extrusions, rectangles, and squares. However, the abilities of a band saw vary depending on the model.

Cold sawing

High precision cold sawing is a decent choice for cutting thin-walled or small-diameter ERW tube. These are ones that need tight tolerances. Circular cold saws use cutting fluid as well as a blade wheel. Normally, you apply the fluid with a mist lubricator. The blade of a cold saw is fixed. You should not expect it to wander or walk. Cold sawing generates perpendicular or square cuts, in addition to no or minimal burrs.


Finally we will talk about shearing. Tube shears are entirely automatic and high speed mechanisms. It employs two ID punches as well as two shearing plates under high pressure to cut tubes. The shearing action stays the same for all wall thicknesses and every size with maximum limits.

The finest ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we aim to provide the finest products for all our customers. To ensure this happens, we test each utensil extensively before we deliver them to the customer. In addition to our regular services, we also offer a cutting service. This allows us to meet the more unique requirements.

If you need our help, get in touch with the team.