Top techniques for the quality control of ERW tube

ERW tube is useful for a wide array of projects. The trouble is that the quality can differ greatly due to the controls that are in place. Luckily we consistently provide the perfect results. Having been in operation for over a decade, we know exactly what a customer wants. As a result it is easy for us to supply the goods to them.

The quality management for ERW tubing can help you in safely executing the production process. However, that’s only the start. It can also ensure the operator’s own safety.

ERW tubes are commonly used in fields of steel structure engineering, massive span grids, and highway construction. Other applications also include water and gas pipelines, power and ultra high-pressure transmission, and steel structural works for stadiums, airports, and railway stations. To certify that quality control goes well, you should look at the following checks.

Check the specs

You should always reassess the welding wire and flux’s specifications according to the weld strategy. This shall aid you in stopping accidents that come about by using the incorrect wire and flux.

Oversee everything

See to it that you control the conditions where you are welding too. Whenever the environment isn’t right it would be wise to take a few measures. Unfavourable conditions can include relative humidity that exceeds 90%, or temperatures that are lower than zero Celsius.

Inspect the groove

Examine the groove size before you begin welding as well. This means looking at the angle, root face, and gap. Confirm that everything meets the necessary processing requirements. If anything is out of place, make the necessary changes.

At Union Steel Tubes, our ERW tube comes in a myriad of thicknesses, widths, and sizes. Because of the varied collection, it’s not difficult for us to find something that’s suitable. Simply tell us what it is you’re after and we’ll send it to you.

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