The benefits and applications of square tubing

ERW tubes are a special type of tube that you can use for numerous projects. Just like regular tubing, one design isn’t enough for every job. Fortunately, we supply various shapes and sizes to match your needs. At times, customers are unable to locate something suitable. When this happens, we suggest that they use our cutting service. The last thing we want is for someone to be unsatisfied.

The following are examples of the applications and benefits of square tubes. We supply this tubing to suit various needs.


One advantage is square ERW tubes are uniform. In addition, they have good mechanical attributes. Furthermore, the tubing is quite the cost effective option, especially if you choose steel. Square tubes don’t experience as much processing as other forms of mechanical tubing. This leads to increased cost benefits for projects that aren’t as testing.

Perhaps the most widely known benefit of square tubing however is its durability. With the aid of cold forming, square tubes can possess a greater tensile strength and yield. This is what enables it to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures.


You can find square tubing in many domestic and industrial environments. This is primarily because of the versatility it offers. Countless industries value the materials because of the capacity to endure extreme pressure and temperatures. They are also very strong. Within domestic settings they can be handrails, fencing and in appliances.

At Union Steel Tubes, we can provide clients with square tubing if they request it. Additionally, we can supply other shapes as well. This includes oval, rectangular, and circular tubes. We cut the ERW tubes in-house, ensuring fast services and accuracy. The cut can cause lots of problems, including creating a rough, uneven edge or flattening the tube. We take care to make sure neither happens.

If you would like to purchase any of our stock, please get in touch with us. You can also view a product list on our website. Please keep in mind that this is not the full range we can offer; we can supply a wide range of other tubes and also offer bespoke options.