Proximity and Skin Effect

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There are various ERW welding procedures that you may not be familiar with. High frequency welding is one of them. During this process, you induct the high frequency (HF) current in the open seam tube. You do this by an induction coil that’s found close to the weld point. When they go through the coil, you space the tube edges apart. This generates an open vee that has an apex faintly ahead of the weld point.

The HF welding operation hinges on two occurrences linked to current. These are Proximity Effect and Skin Effect. The latter is the aptness of HF currents to focus on the exterior of a conductor.

Proximity Effect

This is critical to the HF welding approach. It is the proneness of the HF current existing inside a pair of return/go conductors to centre on the parts of the conductor facets that are closest to each other. The magnetic field surrounding the conductors influences the physics responsible for this phenomenon. It prioritises the slim spaces between them. The magnetic lines of force don’t possess as much room and consequently end up squeezed together.

Proximity Effect has more power when the conductors are nearer each other. It’s more robust when the sides that face each other are wider too.

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