What do these phrases mean?

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Some people are often left baffled by the technical specifications and phrases we use in the tubing industry. We want to change all of that. In order to do so, we’ve created a little guide that provides definitions for some of these terms. This should clear up any confusion you have.


Firstly, we will cover eccentricity. Eccentric tubes have an outer and inner diameter with different centre points. As a result the circles are not concentric. You can check for this by looking at the tube’s wall thickness at the desired cross section to form minimum and maximum. The eccentricity at this cross section would be a half the variation between the maximum and minimum wall thicknesses.


Next, we’ll discuss ovality tolerance. You acquire the variance between minimum and maximum OD dimensions, or out-of-roundness, by cautiously calculating the low and high points of any tube section. Inside, the minimum and maximum OD dimensions need to fall.

Average OD

Finally, we have the average OD. This is the average of at least four micrometer recordings. This includes the low and high points.

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