There’s more to metal furniture than people think

When we began doing business, our goal was to provide customers with the best ERW tubes in the country. This is something that we believe has been achieved. Having operated for over a decade, we have seen one satisfied customer after another. Many of them even went to the effort of praising us for the quality of our tubing and our professionalism. We work hard to maintain our standards so this level of satisfaction doesn’t drop.

Metal furniture is highly regarded because it can be both highly durably and aesthetically pleasing. Various types of metal can be used in numerous forms, but the most common is that of steel tubing. The material is utilised to create the likes of chairs, tables and even auditorium seating.

Stainless steel tubes are commonly used for furnishings because the substance has excellent tensile strength. This reduces weight, and provides more user accessibility. The material is also fantastic if you’re going for low maintenance furniture. Stains that accumulate can be cleaned off the metal rather easily and there is good corrosion resistance.

One of the largest misconceptions with metal furniture is that it’s uncomfortable, but we assure you that this isn’t the case. Images of metal that people tend to conjure are cold, shiny surfaces and hard-backed chairs. It’s simple to add upholstery and cushions to make your furnishings both attractive and comforting though. You might want to consider having your furniture curved for extra relaxation.

At Union Steel we can supply ERW tubes to meet varying requirements. We have tubing of multiple sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses ready to go. On top of this clients can come to us if they need something a tad more specific. We can cut our tubes to match any demands and even produce bespoke ones on request.

If there’s anything that we can help you with, please do get in touch. From product design to settling on a timeframe we will offer the very best support.