Handrails can provide you with so many benefits

Steel tubes are used for many applications, among which are home improvement projects. They are favoured due to the sturdy nature of the material and the cost. Products made from them can last for a long time, especially if they are properly maintained.

In these kinds of undertakings steel is predominantly used for making interior and exterior fittings, with handrails being a good example. The rails come with a myriad of advantages. Aside from the obvious ones like strength they can be supported by mounted posts or be fixed onto a handrail bracket and mounted on your wall. This provides an array of options.

There are an array of settings inside and outside of homes where steel handrails can be used. Stairways and landings are the most common but you can also see them on paths and balconies. Whatever the setting they must satisfy quality requirements and be installed to the highest standards.

Aesthetically speaking, steel railings are highly pleasing. Their use on countless buildings throughout the world is testament to this. These rails are used within contemporary homes in particular, since they provide a modern and sleek look.

Due to the massive number of designs available, you can choose steel tubes that match with decor or create a wonderful contrast. The tubing can even be galvanised, plated, or powder coated to add colour and additional protection. Thanks to the amount of choice present on the market, it’s very possible to create that perfect balance in any house with the correct handrails.

At Union Steel Tubes we are established as the leading ERW steel tube supplier operating in the Midlands. We offer a range of tubing that includes over 200 different options. As a result you can find the perfect materials for your applications. We can even provide plating, galvanisation and cutting services in-house.

If you are looking for the perfect tubes to make into handrails we are confident we can supply them for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and the specifics of the tubing you require. We will offer advice and a quote.