Letting the cutting equipment do its job with ERW steel tubes

ERW steel tubes can be cut in any length to suit a wide array of requirements. The greatest thing about steels is they can support their own weight very well. This means that the level of flex with longer lengths of tubing is minimal and allows them to cater for various applications.

The thing to remember when it comes to cutting tubing is that the sections are hollow. As a result you need to avoid using too much downward pressure or it can warp the shape. This can occur whatever the shape of the tube, whether it is circular, oval, square, rectangular, or even hexagonal. Thicker walls can provide protection but only so far before warping occurs.

In order to cut effectively it is important to let the blade do its work at its own speed rather than trying to use extra pressure to force it through. With patience the finished tube will be more precise and the correct shape.

People normally place more pressure on cutting tools to speed up the process because the blades themselves aren’t sharp enough. A dull blade will take much longer to cut through a material, particularly when it is one as durable as steel. Before every job the blades should be checked and sharpened if necessary.

In this same vein it is important to change blades regularly when they reach the end of their lifecycle. This is crucial for both quality and safety reasons. The last thing you want is one to fail and put the operator at risk and damaging the tubing.

At Union Steel Tubes we provide a cutting service for all clients, ensuring we can deliver tubing in an array of lengths to suit applications. We understand the importance of an accurate, even cut that won’t warp the tube. Our team excel because we have the right equipment and training. This is why we have been able to build our reputation to the point where we are the leading suppliers of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.