The different forms of HSS tubing

With so many choices available, including over 200 different sizes, it’s hard to argue that we are a top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands. We make it our mission to match any requirements that our clients might have. Available in numerous shapes, such as square, oval and rectangle, our tubes are highly versatile and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Steel tubes are durable, strong and tough, and can offer an array of additional characteristics thanks to the materials used to create the alloy. Metals like tungsten, aluminium, magnesium and titanium are all used to provide these.

The adaptability of ERW steel tube is outstanding and each year, millions of tonnes worth of it are manufactured. These tubes are used extensively within domestic and industrial environments. Within the latter, the tubing is revered for its strength and the ability to withstand destructive elements, pressure and extreme temperatures. In terms of domestic use, they are used for gas pipes, refrigerators and countless other appliances.

The construction and engineering industries also get their fair share of usage out of steel tubes. These two employ the use of hollow structural sections (HSS), which can be square, circular or even rectangular in form. In our country, the HSS terminology isn’t used, with us preferring to use RHS, SHS and CHS to differentiate. Rectangular tubes are typically used in welded steel frames that are subject to loading from differing directions. Circular and square tubes are regularly used for columns.

At Union Steel Tubes we provide nothing but the best, both in terms of quality products and customer service. If you order an in stock item, it will be with you either on the next or same day depending on the urgency. For people that require tubes of certain lengths, our cutting service is what you need.

If you’d like any assistance from a leading ERW steel tube Supplier in the West Midlands, we would be happy to help.