There is more than one way to store and handle ERW tubes

When you create any form of merchandise, you must ensure you do this to an excellent standard. This is what our ISO 9001 registered company originally set out to achieve. After years of hard work, we have become the foremost ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has. Our team uses high quality technology and machinery to produce the best results.

The concept behind pallets was to standardise the storage of regular blocks in racks. The more standardised your objects, the simpler it is to handle and store them. You ensure that your forklifts and rack can put up with the pallet weight and size. Essentially, you have a somewhat easily-accessed, sensible storage scheme. However, it is not as straightforward for loads like pipes, tubes, and similar long, heavy items. Of course, there are options. We are going to break down what these are here.

Cantilever racks

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsWe will begin with cantilever racks. This is the default choice for storing most long parts. You can install them outdoors or indoors. In addition, they are available in capacities and configurations that are practically limitless. Due to their combination of safety, accessibility, and density, they are also economical.

These racks are cost effective, specifically when it comes to tube storage. You are able to stock an extensive collection of tubing on them. Your application might or might not enable you to use a standard unit. Yet, even if you engineer one to spec, the cost per storage won’t be restrictive.

The space efficiency here is also pretty good. You can position items off the floor and into racks. This way, you can use the vertical space. Just remember that you will require room for forklift work in front of each rack. If you would like to work with the most professional ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has, please give us a call.

Stacking racks

ERW tubeThe second option we will look at is stacking racks. These come in a plethora of configurations. They are also suitable for long parts storage. As opposed to the cantilever solution, you don’t bolt these racks to concrete, nor are they permanently installed. This offers you flexibility in terms of layout. For example, you could be moving stock around regularly, which may require you to adapt rapidly. Furthermore, these racks supply users with decent capacities.

As far as money goes, stacking racks typically cost less than cantilever models. For greater lengths of stock tubing though, you are going to need several units. With space efficiency, there is a decent density to speak of. You can stack them higher than many of the ground-stacking options you can encounter.

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