Contemporary ERW/HFI tubes offer increased quality

When they need ERW steel tubes West Midlands businesses come to us. Being the experts that we are, we are able to handle orders of any size. At the same time, we make it a point to give our customers the attention they deserve. This includes testing their tubes to ensure they are high quality and delivering them at a rapid pace.

Years of experience with ERW

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsFor many years, we have taken advantage of electric resistance welding to create longitudinal seam welds. This is inside steel line tubing. Primarily, people use this type of tube for low grade water pipes as well as structural applications.

The introduction of high frequency induction (HFI) methods has resulted in substantial enhancements with the weld quality of ERW. When you merge this with better control of the raw chemical composition of the metal, you get top notch line tube. This is the kind that can meet stricter standards for uses in gas and oil lines.

We have been successfully using this approach for several years already. However, there has been some opposition to using ERW/HFI line tube by certain operators. This includes ones in charge of sour service applications. The lack of faith here appears to stem from historical issues. These are ones primarily related to preferential weld line corrosion and pressure reversals. However, steps have successfully been taken to overcome them.

What are things like today?

The quality one can obtain using contemporary ERW/HFI line tube has advanced considerably. There have been refinements in understanding non-destructive testing technology and the welding process. It is also the same for strip quality.

Contemporary ERW line tube provides closer dimensional control. It is of excellent value in pipe laying because of the possible major cost savings in comparison to seamless tube. For the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands can offer, please contact us.

Keeping variables in check

The operation of welding tube needs a number of variables to be in check. This is for effective stable production. The weld heat, material type, tooling setup, gauge, and edge condition are some of the factors you must look at. Mill operators and supervisors, as well as quality control managers must do this. They need to do so to obtain efficiency and output targets.

The best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we have products available in a wide variety of sizes and qualities. The result for our customers is optimum choice each time they shop with us. We cut tube in-house, ensuring we can cater for almost any length requirements. We can also create entirely bespoke tubing if necessary.

For the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands can give, please come to us. You won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer, so speak to us today.