The potential pitfalls of welding

We are a company that exists to provide its customers with a wide variety of tubes. The type we specialise in is the ERW tube. In our collection, you will discover more than 200 different sizes and various shapes. With so much to offer, we are confident that we can meet your requirements without fail.

Questions surrounding the welding of tube and pipe are things we come across quite regularly. Considering that welding is an essential step in creating the ERW tube, this is to be expected. There are a number of details that can lead to trouble. What we are going to do is look at some of the most common problems people have with tube welding. As a result it should be easier to avoid them.

Cutting out and feathering tacks

ERW tubeOne mistake would be forgetting to cut out and feather tacks. Tacking is vital to fit-up. It is recommended for welders to cut the tack out and feather it. This is to guarantee the final consistency of the weld. The welder also needs to know exactly what lies within the weld. Tacks left inside the joint end up getting devoured by the weld. If the tack has a defect, there is a chance there will be problems with the weld because of it. By cutting and feathering the tacks, you can reduce the chances of faults occurring.

Shielding gas

Another issue has to do with misconceptions held by a number of welders. They believe that having more shielding gas is the best option. Believing this, they crank the gas wide open. This method results in a host of complications. Increased and inessential distress of the weld puddle is one of them. Another is high shielding gas waste. You should also expect a convection effect. This can suck oxygen into your weld, which leads to porosity. To avoid these problems, it is best to use a flow meter.

Cut the material, not corners

steel-tube-suppliersCutting corners when you cut ERW tube is unacceptable as well. Welders often work with substances more vulnerable to the affects of greater heat input and distortion. These include aluminium and stainless steel. When they do, an inadequate cut can result in unnecessary spaces and poor fit-up.

Many welders will compensate here by introducing additional filler metal into the joint so they can fill it. The extra heat can cause distortion. What’s more, with corrosion resistant materials, it can diminish the base metal’s qualities. It can also result in excessive penetration or a lack of it. A lack of preparation results in longer weld cycle times too.

Order our ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we take great care when creating tube products. Our team is aware of all the right and wrong practices. They actively avoid the latter to deliver stellar merchandise to customers.

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