There are many ways to cut stainless steel

We are a business that takes pride in being able to handle orders of varying sizes. At the same time, we can still provide customers with the level of care they deserve. This is an important part of providing the finest ERW tubes in the UK. It is also a crucial part of how we have become so successful over the years.

Stainless steel is not simply one alloy. Instead, you should view it as an umbrella term that includes a selection of iron alloys. These products have around 10.5% chromium. It is a useful addition to the metals because it enhances the mechanical properties and improves the heat resistance. Plus it also gives the metal better strength and corrosion resistance.

The applications

ERW tubesStainless steel is a great option as it is suits an array of applications. Examples include sculptures, bridges, cars, and jewellery. Tubing is another notable application. ERW tubes made of the material can be a great choice for lots of products, including railings. The steel is a robust metal, one you can even use to coat softer substances.

However, the cutting process is what makes all of this possible. Thankfully, you can use a variety of methods and utensils to cut the steel effectively and safely. We are going to discuss some of them here, as well as some other useful details.


One method you can employ is using an angle grinder. This is a handheld tool people use for abrasive cutting. It is perfect for dealing with stainless steel plates. It is possible to utilise an angle grinder cut-off wheel that is roughly five inches.

Another possibility would be using a chop saw. This is a compact handheld machine that can cut through thinner steel pieces. It is ideal to employ the pneumatic cut-off saw because there is extra power through the air pressure. When working with one of these, you should use a full-face shield due to the small steel pieces that fly around.

Safety considerations

There are also a number of safety measures you need to be aware of when cutting the steel too. To begin with, you need to prepare your workspace. Move those power cables, materials, steel plates, and loose tools since they can all lead to trips and falls.

Light everything up correctly too. Sufficient background lighting with floodlights lets you see without having to strain your eyes. This is crucial while using goggles as your vision can blur thanks to fog and dust.

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